Narnia 3 could be filmed in Argentina

Disney Channel Latin America constantly shows news and interviews of The Chronicles of Narnia and in NarniaSpain we recorded everything.

This time, dear Mexican journalist Carla Medina interviewed most of the cast and the producers of Narnia in the premiere of New York.

In one of the interviews Carla Medina asked Mark Johnson about the rumor that they would film the next film in Latin America and it responded that is truth, and that probably would film some scenes in our dear Argentina! In any case this still is doubtful.

In addition, as all we know, the pre-production in Mexico already began, and this was the cool new in Mexican newspapers. In them it was commented:

“80% of the film “The Chronicles of Narnia 3″ will be filmed in the sets of Popotla in Rosarito as the next year, and it will have a considered cost of 100 million dollars. Oscar Escobedo, representative of the tourism secretariat, affirmed that they are working with Walt Disney to make the film.”

Escobedo explained:

“Disney offers us the opportunity to Baja California to be recognized as a destiny for filmic projects: from Titanic, a so important event had never arrived.”

During a eighteen months, the team of “Narnia” will work in Bajos Estudios (before pertaining to Fox), where already “Titanic” and “Pearl Harbor” have been made.

“Some days ago it initiated the preproduction. With Narnia, we would be finishing around one hundred projects, between cortometrajes and shootings”.

video :
entre: 3:07 and 3:23

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