Official Narnia Website Vanishes

It looks like Disney has taken down the official Narnia website, formerly available at Perhaps they’re getting ready to transfer the domain to 20th Century Fox. Get ready, then, for an all-new, sometime this year.

I’ve always thought that it should be in the hands of Walden Media for this very reason. Walden Media holds the license on the series. However, Disney’s hosting capacity was probably much larger, being as big a company as they are.

John Burkitt points out who the owner of the domain is. It’s as I figured, the Lewis Estate owns it.

The domain belongs to:

C.S. Lewis Pte Ltd
1st Floor, Unit 4, Old Generator House
Bourne Valley Road
Poole, Dorset BH12 1DZ


  1. Yeah, I went into the disney store to look for a narnia Bag, But all of the mechandice had been taken off the shelves. 🙁

  2. Yea, Contact Disney and ask where you can get merchandise, etc. or do ebay, amazon, etc.

    I think fox will host their own site, am following them on twitter and also get their emails so I’ll know of updates. 🙂

  3. I hope Fox and Walden hurry and fill the void that is now Even if it’s just simple things. I am thinking of when the LWW movie was announced, the website had snowy trees in the background (anyone remember?) and there were basic facts about the books.

  4. Here I was, about to e-mail our esteemed leader Paul with a question about how Walden would handle with the studio switch, and this happens. I hope the new site goes live soon and ties together the films and the books. News Corporation owns HarperCollins and 20th Century Fox, so that should not be a problem.

  5. Last week at my local Disney store I went in to look at the Narnia stuff but it had been taken down. Hopefully the new Narnia will have lots of new things on it. 😀

  6. walden handled the production, and Disney did marketing and distribution. so it wouldnt make any sense for walden to own

  7. What?! No!!!!! I loved that site!!!! Now I’m gonna miss playing Narnia pinball everyday!!! *goes into corner to sob*

  8. Well, CaspianGirl, the game is not gone, I suggest you type up Prince Caspian pinball, or something like that, on google, and then I found this site,
    And then I clicked on “VISIT THE SITE”, and I expected a page to appear that said, “Sorry, the page you requested no longer exists”, or something like that. Well, I found this site, it’s disney, and Narnia, and I’m wondering if this is the Narnia site, or just another site…
    I think you just click on “Enter Narnia”… then I think it takes you to the Narnia site.. well, I know a lot of Narnia sites, but is this the site everyone is talking about?

  9. I just can’t forgive Disney for dropping Narnia. I hope the next film is really good so they feel guilty about it. 🙁
    I used to love browsing the NARNIA merchandise at their stores, but now there’s nowhere to go. 🙁

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