1. As I commented on the Narnia Web page, I think this is a good sign. I have thought for some time that Disney’s love of making movies into video games hurt the first two movies. For example, in LWW the whole floating-down-the-river-with-the-sword-in-the-ice sequence is more like a video game than anything which would enhance the plot.

    • I know what you are saying, Mark, and while I agree that some parts of the previous movies seem more like a video game I have to disagree with it being a good sign. Video Games based on movies have no effect on the film itself and are created separately. They have no bearing on the process of making the film. When a company makes a video game based on an adventure story, they will usually embellish things anyway for the video game.

      The market for video games based on film properties isn’t as hot today as it was a few years ago, though, and it’s probably a good thing they’re not doing it so that it doesn’t lose money. That being said, a video game based on a film property puts the property into all of the video game websites and magazines, on more covers and in more places. This means that the movie is marketed (for free) in places that it otherwise wouldn’t be. If there’s a game based on a film, there must be a film right? So there a lot of lost opportunity there. In particular if they made a game that was worth its’ salt, and broke the mold to be a terrific and engaging video game.. that could set the market on fire, and bring more to the film, and also more to the books.

      The Video Game industry made more than the film industry last year, I believe. In the end, I HOPE that they eventually make a video game, if it’s LEGO based (my idea, not official), or otherwise. I have a feeling that the Avatar video game really soured them on that idea, though.

      • i hate how they make decisions based on self created concepts (movie games dont sell, avatar bombed so VDT will too, etc) NARNIA is a 60 year old classic with a built in fan base of millions! there is no comparison to these new properties! c’mon, look how the first movie did since it was faithful to the original book ! compare that to running amuck with PC! Keep it faithful, partner with the faith community for a built in network and get a great gamemaker and it will sell itself!!

      • paul, do you know if they ever go back and release a game if the movie ends up being huge? even if it has to come out way after the movie’s release?

      • Don’t get me wrong, Paul. I’m not against video games per se. But I have to disagree that they are good advertisement for movies. I highly doubt many gamers went out and saw (or bought) the movie because they saw the game first. To my mind, that just doesn’t sound reasonable. The movie is much more an advertisement for the video game than vice versa.
        I honestly believe that Disney intentionally added plot points with the video game in mind – or at least it looks that way to me. Maybe it would be better to say that scenes like the sword in the ice and the extended battle scenes have much more of a video game feel. They are gratuitous toward those who like such actions sequences, but do little if anything to advance the point of the story.
        Did you read my article from March? (It’s inked in the article I referenced below.)

        • I did read that article from March. I just have a feeling that you might have missed a dramatic shift in the video game industry. These days there are often video games with more heart and more soul than many movies that come out. One such example is The Last Guardian which is coming out for Playstation 3 (http://ps3.ign.com/dor/objects/14230646/ico-project/videos/thelastguardian_trl_trailer_60209.html). Sure there are a lot of games without story, and character development, but there are also games with great depth.

          I think the extra action sequences in the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe were inspired by the fact that the children do a lot of walking, and they wanted to keep the pace moving so they wouldn’t put folks to sleep. (I think the bonus features on the DVD might explain it all.) Plus, we have no real evidence that they created things specifically so they could make the video game better.

          • Paul: “These days there are often video games with more heart and more soul than many movies that come out. ”
            Good to hear!
            “…we have no real evidence that they created things specifically so they could make the video game better.”
            True, which is why I added the “Maybe it would be better…” Intentional of not, it felt to me like that’s what they were going for.
            Can we agree that it would be better to make both movies and video games with more “heart and soul”? πŸ™‚

  2. This is a real let down. Although I only have play station 2 and they aren’t making games for that anymore so I would not be able to play it anyways. Still it is a let down. A Lego Chronicles of Narnia would be amazing, but I don’t think they will make it if the third movies doesn’t do better than Prince Caspian.

  3. Fox seems to be on the fence with how this movie is going to go. They’ve released a promotional poster, theater stand-up (or whatever they’re called) and a promotional trailer, and fairly early, too. But now with the small presence at Comic-Con and cancellation of the video game, it seems that they don’t really know what to do. Either you want it to do well or you don’t. I would certainly hope they want to do well, as it does have a large fan-base. They need to get their act together with this. Boo me all you want, but that’s just my opinion.

        • well, the first thing that came to my mind about the Narnia games was “cheap”, they seemed to have glitches right at the good parts and would make you not want to play the game ever again (referring to Prince Caspian and LWW PC games). but when I heard Lego Narnia, it sounded like a really cool idea! I’ve played Lego star wars and Lego Indiana Jones and I think that Lego star wars was supposed to be more goofy for example: storm troopers in swimsuits in a hot tub! stuff like that… I only played a level or two on Lego Indiana Jones and that didn’t seem to be as goofy and more serous (but still very unrealistic)

  4. this is VERY upsetting- it was fantastic being able to immerse into the world of narnia via the videogames. at least they should have put out a VDT game just because it was part of the pevensie trilogy, then stopped after that if need be. the scenery would have been beautiful and there are tons of pirate fans now that P of Caribi. movies have been so big. I think this is a big mistake and I hope they reconsider- though they would have to rush it into production at this point- i think it would have been great if we could have played as the dragon and flown around. they could have had the map as the opening sequence- so many possibilities- !!! AND i bought a Wii JUST FOR THIS GAME!!! SO UPSET!!!!!

  5. how about a narnia chess set-at a reasonable price?? narnia cards? stationery? and coolest of all- a REAL narnia wardrobe??!! dropping the video game was not good, please dont drop all the other merchandise too! this series is beloved by millions! just market it properly!! geesh

    • That would be AWESOME! (a narnia chess set) Or even better, a narnian lego chess set! who out of you guys would think that narnia lego’s would be awesome!? I would!

    • weren’t they going to do narnia action figures? i heard about it a while back, possibly in late 2009/early 2010. i wonder if they’re still going ahead with that? even if they were ok and maybe sold with a happy meal or something (call me a geek, but i still have a peter pevensie action figure from a kid’s meal from like five years ago) it would still get the word out about the movie.

  6. Has there been any word about Lego picking up the series for some sets? I think one of the secondary-Lego copy companies had some sets for LWW….

  7. that’s not fair.. i’ve been looking forward to playing the new game with my friend ever since PC came out!

  8. I bought the last two games. PC was extremly hard to get because they stopped making it. I hope they go on, I want to finish my collection πŸ™‚

  9. Yeah, I would have to say that if another developer doesn’t pick up for the game, I am going to be one, rather irritate, and a bit bummed. I mean, I completely loved the other Narnia games and I was always remembering how I felt so much like a kid playing them cause I enjoyed them so much! And by the look of the Dawn Treader film, I think would be amazing to play the game for it. It would be like sort of a Pirates of the Carribean game… I mean, out at see and on a ship and all. Boy how I really hope some miracle happens and this game gets made. If not, guess there will be LOADS of Narnia fans disappointed. And who wants that, right? lol.

    • agreed my friend πŸ™‚ i am going to be a very disappointed fan indeed. i mean, even if it weren’t the best-selling game ever…weren’t we the ones who DID support it? can’t they do it for us? and plus, it would be much better than pirates of the carribean (no offence to them) because it’s just so…Narnia!

  10. I have been doing my best to read up on all of this bc my 8-yr-old Narnia-loving son wants to know when the Dawn Treader video game is going to be released. What a disappointment Christmas will be when it isn’t under the tree! What a marketing mistake!

  11. please tell me the game is coming out soon. its too hard to accept that the game is cancelled. Its the video game that will make the film rates rise.

  12. i have to admit, i would buy the video game to support them anyway. i think it’s a great way to re-live the action, and be involved as a charcter. it sometimes makes you feel like you’re actually in narnia πŸ™‚

    i love going back to the old game, no matter how many times you play it, it’s still fun. and with the second one, i love all the different characters available. and this being one of the best (if not the best) books in the series, and it has the perfect amount of action to make a game. i say they should still make one! i’m all for it!!! πŸ˜€

  13. I was looking on IMDB and noticed they didnt do a game for Voyage of the dawn treader and I was soooo disappointed! πŸ™ Especially since I loved the movie so much! And the last two games were great and fun, I was really looking forward to playing this one…
    I don’t think it was a good idea for them to cancle making a game πŸ™ maybe they’ll change their mind, or someone else will make the game?

  14. Hey Guys!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE NARNIA!!!!!!!!!!

    Woop woop!!!!!

    It is a shame they aren’t bringing out a game but the movie is so amazing I don’t care!!!!!!!

    And I LOVE BEN BARNES!!!!!!!!!

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