C.S. Lewis The Story Teller

Author: Derick Bingham

Summary: Adventures into another world, stories of mystery and wonder, these are what fascinated and excited Clive. He was just a boy but would sit for hours writing stories where animals came to life and lived and spoke just like human beings.

This little boy grew up to become the world famous writer C. S. Lewis. However throughout his life he preferred to be called Jack.

The reasons for this peculiar change of name and other interesting facts and stories about C. S. Lewis are retold in this book. It was written in the centenary year of his birth – this is a reprint.

This book takes you into the life of C. S. Lewis, the child, the scholar, the husband, the writer and the believer in God.

Derick Bingham has researched this book thoroughly and has lovingly retold the story of this great storyteller.

144 Pages

About the Author: Derick Bingham is the teaching pastor at Christchurch, Belfast. He is an Adjunct Professor of English Literature at the John Brown University and is also a Fellow of the Royal Society for Arts. A popular author and well known public speaker, including the Keswick Conventions, Derick also serves as presenter with the UCB TV network presenting documentaries on great Christian lives and in Bible teaching. He is married to Margaret and they have a grown family.

‘I was challenged to write this book by my friend the distinguished sculptor Ross Wilson. At that time he was preparing his CS Lewis Centenary Sculpture to be erected in the great man’s native city, Belfast in Northern Ireland. As I live in Belfast it was a privilege to be writing about our city’s most famous writer, his upbringing, his adventures and how he came to know the Lord Jesus. As I researched his life I was amazed to discover how much sorrow CS Lewis experienced and I was deeply inspired by how he overcame his difficulties. My greatest joy following the writing of this book has been to see it published in Chinese.’

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