A Field Guide to Narnia
A Field Guide to Narnia

Author: Colin Duriez
Publication Date: July 1, 2004

Summary: No matter if this is your first visit to C. S. Lewis’s wonderful fantasy world or if you’ve been there many times, you’ll want to bring along this handy companion to the landscape and inhabitants of Narnia, including an A-to-Z guide to characters, places, objects and events. From Narnia expert Colin Duriez you’ll learn more about the mind behind Narnia how Narnia relates to other imaginative worlds and children’s literature about the history within the stories of Narnia how Narnia fits into Lewis’s other work Duriez also takes up some the sticky questions that you may be left wondering about, such as the destiny of Susan. His book will help you dig deeper into the series and its implications for understanding the Christian life.

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