The Horse and His Boy
Author: C.S. Lewis
Publication Date: 1954
Dedication: To David and Douglas Gresham

Summary: Narnia … where some horses talk … where treachery is brewing … where destiny awaits.

On a desperate journey, two runaways meet and join forces. Though they are only looking to escape their harsh and narrow lives, they soon find themselves at the center of a terrible battle. It is a battle that will decide their fate and the fate of Narnia itself.

Characters of The Horse and His Boy


  1. How Shasta Set Out On His Travels
  2. A Wayside Adventure
  3. At the Gates of Tashbaan
  4. Shasta Falls In With The Narnians
  5. Prince Corin
  6. Shasta Among the Tombs
  7. Aravis in Tashbaan
  8. In the House of the Tisroc
  9. Across the Desert
  10. The Hermit of the Southern March
  11. The Unwelcome Fellow Traveller
  12. Shasta in Narnia
  13. The Fight at Anvard
  14. How Bree Became a Wiser Horse
  15. Rabadash the Ridiculous

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