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Welcome to the Narnia Fans Contact page. Whether it is to submit a spy report or to yell at us, we’d love to hear from you! This is a community for C.S. Lewis fans worldwide to honor and celebrate the works of C.S. Lewis and you are a valuable asset to making it work. Please use the contact form below to send us your news, comments, complaints, events, spy reports, guest essays, etc.

Would you like to write for Feel free to contact us about that as well. Volunteer positions are available.

Sincerely, Staff

Use Get Sponge to ask general questions, or to find answers to general questions.

Use Formspring to ask general questions, or to find answers to general questions.

Contact Form for News Releases, Spy Reports and other things.

Possible Subjects

Advertising: If you have inquiries regarding advertising on this website, our podcast, and/or our Newsletter, use that selection.

Cast: Anything regarding casting, and about members of the cast: information, data for our site, websites, info about who’s been cast, etc.

Character Database: We’ve got an ever growing database of characters. If you’d like to contribute missing data to that, just use this selection.

Fan Section: Do you have a contribution for our fan section? Use this, or just e-mail it to us at webmaster [at] narniafans [dot] com.

Mailbag: Write a letter about something you’d like to know, and it MIGHT be featured on our weekly mailbag. As it continues to grow, we’ll pick only the best e-mails with questions we haven’t answered yet. We’ve already gotten the question: are they doing all seven books as movies? about 50 times, but it only needs a simple answer: YES! That is the plan.

News: This is news that we may not know about that should be reported on the site for other Narnia Fans to enjoy. Please don’t assume we’ve heard it all, we’re not omniscient, we need you to help out here!

Press: For members of the press that wish to set up interviews with us or that want other information.

Production: For members of the production team to get in touch with us.

Spy Report: For people to report things from the set or production, under an assumed name, so as not to be identified. (You’ll be given, or you can create, a “Narnia Spy Alias” that will be on the report, instead of your real name.)