Abby Lord

Growing Young

Poem: The clock, it ticks
My calender won’t stay still!
Time is moving oh so fast,
I’m growing against my will!

I look back at when I was a child,
So sweat, innocent, yes a little lame,
But now the things inside my head
Would give my mother shame.

But there is a place
I like to go,
A place of magic
Do you know?

With Centaurs, Fauns,
And talking beasts,
I don’t grow a moment,
Not in the least.

I return to the time when I was young,
I dance and play in the warm sun.

I love to visit this land of Narnia,
I’d stay forever if I could,
Heck, let me pack some clothes
And I most definitely would.

But I must return home
To give my mom a hug,
But when I walk through the door,
I’m no faster than a slug.

I never really leave, you know,
The spirit’s always with me,
And when I’m sad, alone or scared,
It’s the only place I go.

And even when I’m old and Grey
I’ll still be young at heart.
For I still will go to this land
And the adventure will only start.

Copyright: ©2007 Abby Lord