Jason Fotheringham

Tea with Mr. Tumnus

Poem: Two sons of Adam and two daughters of Eve
During world war 2 in london they have to leave
They went far out into the country to a big house
They play criket, hide-and-seek and make such a rouse
Until Eve’s Daughter Lucy finds a wardrobe one day
She goes inside and says “I wonder whats this way?”
She comes to the back and see’s a very big surprise
She can see a whole new world with her own two eyes
The world called Narnia of wonder and magic
A snowy place with beautiful trees it was anything but tragic
She walked till she came to a lit lampost
It was a beautiful site at the most
Soon after this she heard a noise
It was footsteps so she stopped with poise
Then came the most amzing sight
It was a faun which gave her quite a fright
He wore a scarf and carried an umbrella
Lucy though “what a strange looking fella”
A friendly faun from the western woods
Who held packages full of foreign goods
On two goats legs the faun stands
His thick brown hair and goaty are in think curly strands
Mr. Tumnus was the fauns name
Lucy feeling quite happy was glad she had came
The happiness she felt was easy to see
So Mr. Tumnus invited her to his house for tea
So they walked together hand in hand
Around this snowy cold land
Lucy new she was in a wonderous place
It was more amzing than outer space
They came to a rock face with a wooden door
Lucy was eager to see more and more
They entered his house as warmth came over them
There were books,candles,portraits and a large purple gem
There was lovely funiture that really did blend
Two chairs one for Mr. Tumnus and one for a friend
They sat and had toast, cakes and tea
Mr. Tumnus told of Nymphs, Dryans and castles by the sea
He told of music and a traditional dance
He told of ancient King s and queens romance
After all this he took out a ancient wooden flute
A tune that sounded sweeter than the lovliest fruit
It made her fell happy and that she wanted to weep
And slowly she was enchanted to sleep.
Copyright: 2006-2007 Jason Fotheringham

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