~Queen Lucy~

Deep Magic Before the Dawn of Time

Poem: By Susan’s Maid

It was the Deep Magic that laid the spell,
That killed innocents,
That greatness did fell,
It was the deep magic that played with dark flame
And killed him upon the stone table

It was the Deep Magic before Time’s dawn
That shattered the evil
And righted the wrong,
Turning death backwards, the Lion to wake
And cracking the spells of the table.
Copyright: 2007 ~Queen Lucy~

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Farewell to Shadowlands

Poem: by Queen Lucy

Farewell to all the shadowed lands
Farewell old trees and skies
Farewell the old familliar hills
And pain of sad goodbyes!
Farewell the sea, but well met sun
Now new in day’s rebirth
Hail God, Hail Aslan, night is done
This is a brand new earth!
Copyright: 2007 ~Queen Lucy~

His Breath

Poem: By Susan’s Maid

I remember the first time I saw him
The symbol of Narnia’s great faith
I remember the way that I felt on that day
When I met with the King face to face

And it wasn’t his eyes I remember so well
Though they pierced me with fiery gaze
And it wasn’t his teeth bared and sharp as a knife
And it wasn’t his head, highly raised.

And it wasn’t the paws or the great, fearsome claws
Or the mane in magnificent folds
But it was his breath I remember well yet
And the way that it turned me so bold.

I remember my fear when he first padded near
On those great velvet paws he did tread,
How I quivered and shook just as soon as he looked,
How the gaze of his eyes turned my head!

But with only his breath were my fears wiped away
And replacing them courage so strong
That I felt with just sword and with only myself
I could face a whole army head on!

He never once spoke as he stared at me there
But I knew what instructions he gave
For the meaning was clear, in my mind I could hear
Have courage, small one, and be brave

Then it was he was gone and with nary a trace
‘Cept the paw prints laid deep in the earth
And there it turned green as I never have seen
Brightly colored with plants of new birth.

Since then I’ve remembered that day oh so well
And I savor it’s memory sweet.
I can still feel his breath as it gracefully fell
And I still see the signs of his feet.
Copyright: 2007 ~Queen Lucy~