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Default The Order of the Can III

Here are

The Order of the Can

The Order of the Can II

And the original first post:

It is time, fellow Duffers, to unite. The Skanderites and Willianites (Llamaites, Badgerites, Cannanites, Jesuits, and dust mites) have consolidated, and conspire to overthrow the Duffers ( ); if we sit and do nothing, we shall be overthrown. It is for this reason that I wish to found the Order of the Can. The Brotherhood of the Can has been mentioned before, in passing; but no real effort has been made to make it an Order.

Therefore, I wish hereby to make 'Knight of the Order of the Can' an official title; the highest order of Duffers. The Brotherhood is for those who make a few dufferish comments now and again...and, occasionally, a true Dufferly post. Anyone who wishes it may become one of the "Can Clan". (An invention of HB's, somewhere in the distant past.)

All who hope to achieve the title of 'Knight of the Order of the Can', must first be one of the Brotherhood; save two, whom I shall elevate at once to the position of Knight, if they raise no objection. These two are, namely, Holyboy666 and Chakal. There are others, I am sure, who are also worthy to be placed there at once; unfortunately, their names escape me at the present time.

Those who wish to become one of the Brotherhood must first read the supplied Duffer training resources, which will educate you on the History of Duffers, and the Method(s) of duffering. Then you may PM me with your request, along with links to, or quotes of, a few of your posts that you think worthy of a duffer. I will judge as best I may; perhaps with the help of a few fellow Duffers, whether you are truly a Duffer. If you are rejected, do not be upset; simply study these rules and examples of Duffering, and you will soon learn.

Duffer training resources

The Defination of Duffering is...

The Duffer FAQ

The original "a mob is formed that chases you out of the city" post:Here
And the second:Here

Read whole page; you will find out exactly who Fred the Box is...and get a couple good examples of Duffering.
More about Fred!

Find out about the butter knife...the Insane asylum...the Trash Can
Page two: ...the Giant Bannana...
Page three: ...the evil monkeys...and the Fruits...
Page four: ...the can clan...
Pages five, six, seven . . . continue the silliness.

Some classic Duffering

The Red Side vs. the Blue!
And I shall add to the Duffer training resources as I find more.

P.S. If a Mod should see fit to Sticky this, it would be great!

EDIT: Sept. 21, 2008

The Duffer Library: Archive of Notable Comments, Conversations, and Conglomerations of Duffer information, etc.

HB on Duffer Training
On Walls
Quotes About Holyboy666
What Duffers Have . . .
Info on Cheese Whiz
Thereputic Letters of the Insane
Diary of a Duffer
Origins of the Duffer Theme Song!
Why Lieke Does Not Control the Whole Universe (video by MF)

How to throw someone off a cliff (videos by MF):
Educating the Ignorant - Nurse or Blessing? An Article With Capitals

Please feel free to make suggestions of posts/pages for inclusion!

The Duffer Quiz

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he has become my salvation.
He is my God, and I will praise him,
my father's God, and I will exalt him.

Exodus 15:2

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