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Old 01-12-2018, 08:29 PM
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Originally Posted by tirian_son_of_erlian View Post
Anyway, when all is said and done, this next Star Wars story may offer a bit of something for everybody. There were rumors a Solo trailer might drop today. Does anyone have updated information on the film's progress?
No idea, aside from I've heard that they are in the process of doing re-shoots, so I doubt a trailer will drop any time soon. I'd like to say I'm pretty up on trailer news, but that's one rumor I haven't heard.
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Old 01-16-2018, 12:01 PM
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Well, there are never a shortage of rumors circling the internet, but perhaps your discerning eye has learned to pass over or avoid the baseless ones. So reshoots then might go into February, I just read? It's possible for them to stay on schedule, and waiting until closer to release for a trailer is more acceptable with an anthology.

It may sound strange, but I found myself anticipating Star Wars the past several Decembers. What bothers me is that I should have that same passion and zeal for the season of Advent. Ultimately this is an internal attitude I must change. But personally, I prefer late May releases for future Star Wars films, though Episode 9 is set for December. I wonder if they'll switch back for Rian Johnson's trilogy. Is there any news or thoughts on where that will take us? All I've read is it will explore new territory and story beyond the Skywalker saga.

I also was wondering if there will be a third "Star Wars Story" anthology film a year after Episode 9, and what people want to see. I've heard several nominations amongst friends, including "Kenobi," "Leia," "Chewbacca," and "Yoda." However, I wonder if it will be a character title. "Solo" is but "Rogue One" was a mission, so if there are more anthology films, might they be a different concept all together?
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Old Yesterday, 05:14 PM
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"Movies aren't real;" BUT the expression of world-view that goes into them IS very real. Which is why, if I made a movie which PROMOTED something that the p.c. pop culture opposes, NO ONE would allow me to use the "It's only a movie" defense. And "The LEAST Jedi" promoted, not just a realistic, but a decidedly pessimistic view. So Luke "comes back" at the VERY END? Too little and way too late, because he ALREADY HAD gone through the crucible of failure in "Empire Strikes Back," and should have been stronger than to become so much of a whiner AGAIN.

"Characters evolve;" but Finn and Poe should never have been shown as being SUCH inferior dweebs as to NEED to "evolve" up from SO far behind the super-duper can-never-be-wrong females.

"Detract from the broader movie?" Hardly anything COULD have made this movie any worse.

Ironically, I actually LIKED Leia being allowed to save herself from explosive decompression-- because I don't object to women being strong just because I object to the guys being turned into useless pushovers.
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Old Yesterday, 06:39 PM
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Copper, what you see as Luke becoming a whiner, I call him taking a hard look at himself and what he has accomplished.

Luke felt like he was a failure, not because he was a bad Jedi (as you said, he went through that in ESB), but because he was a bad teacher and a bad uncle. He didn't notice Ben's connection to the Dark Side growing right under his nose. Heck, Ben took a few students with him, so Luke didn't notice them either. In an attempt to do some damage control (he didn't know that Snoke and the First Order would become as powerful as they did), he left, taking his knowledge of the Jedi Ways with him.

Then, of course Rey showed up, informed him of what was going on, Yoda gave him a slap, and he realized he was wrong. He died a hero, in my opinion. Doing his very best to fix at least some of his mistakes.
And that's how it the Twilight Zone.
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