Run Time: 60 minutes
Production Company: Lord & King Associates
DVD Release: July 1, 2005

Summary: Hosted by the Rev. Walter Hooper
Narration by Peter Ustinov, as the voice of C.S. Lewis

This is the story of the quiet and studious man whose writing made such a profound impact on modern day theology. Clive Staples Lewis was a devout atheist much of his life, but after becoming a college professor at Oxford, Lewis embarked on a personal spritual journey that would result in his rebirth into Christianity, being “surprised by joy, ” as he would describe it.

A prolific writer and humanitarian, C.S. Lewis penned over forty books, many dealing with, and confirming, the intricate issues of his newfound faith. These books include, The Screwtape Letters, Mere Christianity, The Great Divorce, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

This powerful documentary looks at the life of this remarkable man and the legacy he lefty behind. Hosted by Lewis’ private secretary and friend, Rev. Walter Hooper, together with visits to Lewis’ birthplace, boarding schools and beloved home at Oxford University, all serve to present a moving and candid portrait of a man to whom modern day Christianity owes much.


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