Age: 22


Poem: The snow never lies The snow never dies
Freezing dream Silver wish
Laces of sleepless nights
Changing the atmpsphere

And there you were with all your might
You took me by the hand and showed me
The promises that were kept,
the prayers dripping with my tears.
All those moments, when I thaught I was alone
You were near hearing me out,
Waiting for the right time to help me open my eyes.

For the first time I heard your voice so clear
not from the outside but straight from the core of me
I realized, I never had to look for you.
For all my life you were in me and I was in you.

That was the night under the slippery sky,
When the dearest dream came true.
I was as myself as can be, so calm, so wise…
just how I should be. Frosty vision with a golden drop of you
The effort, the patience and trust
I won the battle of my life with you by my side.
You’ve become the sweetest stain of blood on my heart.

Now I smile gratefully, my soul is yours to keep.
I’m your servant, you have me for your own,
Until the end of time, no matter what I do
You are a part of me and I am a part of you.
Copyright: 2006 Natalia

Untitled (2)

Poem: Lust and magic in a wardrobe
Heart and soul in melting snow
Through tears a dream will come true
The king arriving with the dawn

After years of grief and sorrow
Door of forgiveness shall open
The donor of life is here to stay
The spirit is no longer homeless

Patience is to be rewarded
King’s breath healing the scars
The deepest love, the joy and passion
Pure like the soul of a newborn child

The first religion in children’s eyes
The first love, the first God
The smell of pine, fire and blood
Ever searching for traces in the snow

Calling his name deep in the night
Whispering spells between the stars
Only a heartbeat away and yet
Always one step too far

Longing for the sacred dream
Ended by golden footsteps on the grass
A love to die for in the eyes of a beast
In a place where two become one…
Copyright: 2006 Natalia