Do you have Narnia or C.S. Lewis related news to share with the global Narnia and C.S. Lewis community? Here’s what we’re looking for:

Mainly news items (big or small), but also special features (think along the lines of “The Top Ten Narnia Battles!” or “If I could pick the cast of X Narnia movie.”) and opinion pieces. We’ll also gladly post press releases about Narnia and C.S. Lewis related material (books, movies, etc.).

You may write as regularly or as irregularly as you wish – we’d love to have your voice in the community.

Now the fine print: Because of this open submission process, we can’t guarantee publication. If you are highly motivated to get something up on the site, we will do our best to help you learn the ropes as to what we are looking for. But we hope to be getting regular contributions from several writers, and not every item will be ready for publication. So the challenge to you is to find things of interest to’s readers, work hard to improve your submissions, and eventually establish yourself as one of our top contributors!

Some helpful frameworks for your submissions:

NEWS. Find a Narnia news item of interest, something worthy of its own stand-alone story, and write it up! This can be as simple as pulling a few choice quotes out of a magazine or Web site interview and then linking back to the original source. Or maybe you are really into keeping track of Narnia novels, or the video games, or conventions, or something else in the franchise that we just haven’t had the manpower to cover sufficiently.

FEATURES. We’d love to run a series on the top scenes for each main character, or based on the radio dramas or your favorite Narnia creatures. Want to do something like that? It doesn’t need to be breaking news to be worth publishing, and we would love to publish these sort of fun features on a regular basis.

OPINIONS. Think romance has no place on Narnia? Think Narnia is vastly superior to Harry Potter? Or are you disappointed in Caspian’s lack of screen time? This is going to be the hardest category in which to get something published, since it shows up on the’s home page and appears (even though it has your name on it) to represent the opinions of our site. Be sure to make your argument balanced and level-headed and stay away from anything terribly controversial.

PRESS RELEASES. We’re excited to share the news about your Narnia and / or C.S. Lewis related book, movie, etc. We may also be interested in interviews surrounding it, and we have a reporter that loves reviewing your books. (He’s done many book reviews over the years.)

If you are interested, and would like to submit an article, use the form below. And please include at least one photo that will be the featured image for the story.

We want to give you an outlet to express your creativity and your love for Narnia in a brand new way, and to give our readers more frequent updates and a broader variety of material to read. Thanks very much for your interest, and your help making “your complete guide to Narnia!”


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