If you have Narnia fan fiction, feel free to send us an e-mail if you’d like to see it included. The only fan fiction we accept is family friendly stuff.

Complete Stories

Changes by Abby Lord
Troublemaker by Caitlin Nicholas
I’ll Never Forget by Jessica Graber
Meeting the Pevensies by Jillian Ramos
The Beginning of Lee and Narnia by Kassandra Lincon
Her Newest Ally by Lamplighter101
Prophesy by Lily_of_Archenland
Stop Running by Slpnarniaqueen


Adventures in the Wood Between Worlds by Chloe O’Malley *postponed at author’s request*
Back into Narnia by King Edmund the Just
Lucy’s Mirror by ~Queen Lucy~
The Stars, the Stones and the Storyteller by Rocky Andrews
Yet Another Adventure in Narnia by Emily Worth

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