Meeting the Pevensies
by Jillian Ramos

Story Note: May contain spoilers about the Chronicles of Narnia series of books.

Chapter 1

Marta Peonaya was going to miss America. She didn`t want to leave Oregon, or go to some country where everyone had a weird accent. (She didn`t even know what kind of accent English people had.) “Come on, Marta,” said her mom. She got into the car, and let tears run down her face as they rode to the airport.
“We`re here,” said Marta`s mom when they go to the airport.

She had to wait a long time to get on the plane. When they were finally able to get in, Marta was excited. She had never been on a plane before. Then she remembered that they were going to England to live there. FOREVER!!!! She convinced herself that she was never going to make friends there and only meet stuck-up snobs. (This takes place in the 1940`s, and there was some prejudice from Americans.)

As she departed the airplane, she looked around England. It was actually nice, a lot like America, but it seemed a little old-fasioned and everyone had accents, but they were not what Marta had expected. They were beautiful, rather sophisticated accents, which sounded much better than our sharp, solid accent.

“This is our home,” said Mrs. Peonaya (Marta`s mom) as they entered a house which was bigger than their old apartment room in America. “It….it`s nice,” said Marta, absorbing the beauty of her home. She had a lovely veiw of a few houses near them which were the same size. It reminded her of her friends who lived with her, Meg, Josie, Lizzie, and Amy. She was going to miss Josie the most, since she was her best friend. “I`m going out,” she said, thinking of old friends. How she missed them!

Chapter 2

As Marta walked on the sidewalk, sad and lonely, she tripped over a rock. She tried to keep her balance, but she only made the fall harder, so she scraped her knee. She cried silently. It wasn`t just because her knee hurt and bled continuously, but also because she missed her friends and Josie`s comforting hug. She wondered how she would live the rest of her life.

While she was crying, Marta heard a small voice say, “Oh, Edmund, look!” Marta knew she was a girl who had lived in London for a long time because of her accent. She had her friends. Marta didn`t.

She was surprised to see a boy and a girl rushing over to her. They both shared some traits. The girl (the one who said “Oh, Edmund, look!”) had the same nose and ears as the boy (who was obviously Edmund). The girl who looked younger than the boy had tiny freckles and short, brown hair. Though she was small, her eyes showed strenghth, which reminded Marta of Josie. The boy had freckles, too, but fewer than the girl. He had black hair and eyes full of care.

As they got closer, she saw that their faces were full of panic. Marta felt the scrape sting and groaned. “Come on Lucy!” the boy said. When they approached, the girl wrapped a clean piece of cloth around Marta`s leg and tied it tight, like a tourniquet. “Are you alright now?” asked the girl in a motherly voice. “I`m fine now,” said Marta, feeling the pain melt away. “But why did you help me? You don`t even know me!” “My sister, Lucy, was worried and knows how to cure scrapes like that,” said the boy. “Your sister`s going to become a great doctor someday, I think,” said Marta. “I`m Edmund Pevensie, and you already know Lucy. What`s your name?” said Edmund. “I`m Marta Peonaya. Please don`t make fun of my name,” said Marta, remembering the time Marta introduced herself to Josie`s older brother. “As long as you don`t make fun of ours!” said Lucy. “Do you want to be friends?” she asked. “I`d love to be!” answered Marta, feeling warmer than usual on that cold autumn day. “Want to meet our older siblings?” asked Edmund. “I can`t wait!” said Marta, getting excited. “Come on!” said Edmund excitedly, grabbing her hand and draging Marta along. Laughing, she tried to keep up. She knew these kind people weren`t snobs!

Chapter 3

While running off to Edmund and Lucy`s house, Marta thought about how her luck had turned around. She looked back, and saw Lucy trying to catch up with she and Edmund. “Don`t worry! I`ll catch up!” said Lucy.

When Edmund, Marta, and Lucy finally got to Edmund and Lucy`s house, she was greeted by another girl and another boy, but they were older. Again, they shared traits with each other and they also shared traits with Edmund and Lucy. All of the Pevensies had freckles, but the older ones had less freckles than the younger ones. Susan, the second eldest, was the beauty of the family and had lovely, long, black hair. She was a refined young lady of 12 years, and was very kind to Marta. Peter, the eldest, was 13 and cared much for his family and whenever his father was away he would become the man of the house. He had chestnut colored hair and was a tall, young man and treated Marta like another little sister. Edmund was 10 years old, a month older than Marta, and Lucy was 8 and the youngest.

The Pevensies were all very nice to Marta and the poor girl finally thought she had a place in England. Mr. and Mrs. Pevensie were gone for the day and Peter was in charge. They had her in for tea and talked of random things like one does with a good friend they`ve had for so long. They said things like “How was your past week?” or “She`s your favorite author, too? How funny,” or “I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship,”, until finally Susan asked, “How was life in America?” Marta told about all the prejiduce, blacks being seperated from whites, and all kinds of things that happened in America in the ’40`s. “I don`t like the part about some white people being so bad to the black people. They`re so horrid,” said Lucy. “Of course I`m not talking about you, Marta. You`re family was so kind to that homeless little boy who was black,” she said quickly. “I`m glad they`re not like that here,” Marta said.

They talked on about this and agreed just to call people “people” instead of “black” and “white”. Marta quickly learned to appreciate England and the equality there. “I think I had better go now,” said Marta, looking at the window. “It`s getting pretty dark.” The Pevensies said good-bye and Marta promised to be back soon.

When Marta got home, she exclaimed to her mother, “I made some new friends today!” The sun had shone in Marta`s eyes, golden and beautiful.

© 2006 Jillian Ramos

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