I’m not a fan of spoilers. I try to avoid spoilers about things that I want to see or read. I don’t often read film reviews, unless I’m planning on skipping the movie anyway, otherwise, I won’t bother to read it. Plus, reviews that I have read sometimes included crazy spoilers that you’d expect the critic to avoid revealing.

In fact, the reason they’re called “spoilers” to begin with should be obvious. It spoils the surprise.

When it comes to films like Star Wars or The Avengers, plot points aren’t things that we can really know before going into the movie. Narnia is different. We have the books, and can learn all of the details of the plot that we’ll hopefully be seeing on the big screen.

Non-Spoiler Material

  • Narnia.com announcements
  • Cast Names
  • Character Names
  • Official Photos
  • Trailers
  • Posters

Spoiler Material

  • Dialogue from the Film (Unless it is in a trailer)
  • Character Descriptions that include plot points
  • Plot Points
  • Spy Photos
  • Detailed Reviews of the Film

We will also do our very best to make sure that headlines will not contain what we believe to be spoilers of any kind. We want to honor and respect fans on both sides of the fence, and want to assure you that Narnia Fans is a welcome place for both groups.

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