.:Back into Narnia:.
King Edmund the Just

Chapter One
Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy eagerly stepped off the train- they were going home. Lucy and Susan were laughing, Peter was smiling, and Edmund seemed quiet, but really he was excited to see his father home from this war. They caught a coach for them and practically yelled out directions. Soon they were off, speeding towards their old life. But quickly their smiles began to disappear as they looked around them. Destruction from the air raids was everywhere- houses destroyed, black ash was littered everywhere. The coach stopped, unable to drive any further through the wreckage. The children clambered out, grabbing their luggage and continued on foot. They turned around the corner, the corner leading to their home, and stopped dead on the spot. The house was gone. It had been blown away by bombs, and all that remained was black wood and ash. With a cry the children dropped their luggage and rushed to the destroyed house. “MUM! Where are you!? Mum!” Lucy kept screaming, running around to the back where the shed was. Nothing. They couldn’t find a soul around. Even Edmund was unable to contain himself as horror spread through his face. The four children stood in middle of the wreckage, not believing their eyes at what had become of their home.

Edmund heavily dropped his luggage by his bed in his and Peter’s room. The children had returned to the Professor’s house until they could locate their mum. Peter followed Ed cautiously, knowing an emotional bomb could drop at any minute. Gently, he set his belongings next to Edmund’s and placed a caring hand on his shoulder. “Are you alright Ed?” He asked softly. Edmund promptly jerked back. “I’m fine! I’m.going to go take a walk around the house.” With that, Edmund disappeared out the door, running down the hall and out of sight.

Peter shook his head hopelessly as he watched Edmund run and left the room as well. He headed over to Susan and Lucy’s room and found them unpacking all their belongings. Susan smiled as her brother came inside, but seeing it was only her brother, she questioned, “Where’s Edmund?” Peter sighed. “Off somewhere. He was really shaken.” Susan frowned, but at that moment, a girl poked her blond head inside the room. Lucy jumped from her bed and squealed happily. “Haley! You made it okay!” The girl, Haley, laughed and pulled cousin into a hug. Peter and Susan smiled and greeted their cousin they hadn’t seen in years.

“Say, where’s Ed? I’m dying to see him!” At one look from Peter, Haley groaned. “I’m not going to give him a hard time!” “Well, he’s around here somewhere. He just took off. He’s really upset.” Peter explained. Haley hadn’t heard about the disastrous happening, so Susan retold what had become of their home. “That’s awful!” Haley cried out when Susan had finished. Haley herself had been offered from the Professor to stay here and help comfort her cousins, but she hadn’t been told what for. Nonetheless, she accepted.

“Well, I’m going to try and go find him!” Haley announced, and before Peter or Susan could stop her, she had sprinted down the hall. Peter stood up. “Well, I’m going to follow her, to make sure nothing bad springs up.” He knew all too well how Haley and Edmund got into fights about everything. So without a word, Peter leapt up after her, trying to keep up as she took turns and different rooms.

* * * * *
Edmund had been sulking around the manor, taking choice turns and rooms. He was practically on the brink of tears since seeing that horrid scene of destruction. To think he had expected his father waiting outside for him and mum cooking a warm meal inside seemed stupid now. Now he was here again. Not that he didn’t like this house. He just missed his father and old life.

Suddenly he heard running footsteps and he frantically ran down the hall, wanting to just be alone. He cast a glance back and around the corner emerged. “Haley?!” He groaned. He didn’t know she was going to be here! She snickered and sprang after him, laughing. He scowled darkly at her before sprinting down the hall, taking a turn and another. He wheeled around and ran inside a room, shutting the door quietly behind him. Just in case, he looked around in the room. A dresser caught his attention and he threw it open, concealing himself within it. He left a crack open (for it is very silly to shut oneself in any piece of furniture) and crawled into a corner.

Haley, seeing her cousin, laughed and chased after him, following the thud of his footsteps, until finally she lost him. She was standing right outside the room Edmund was hiding in, but she had no idea. Finally giving up, she was about to leave when she heard a loud BANG come from the room next to her.
Edmund had been hiding in the dresser, and thought he had lost Haley. He stood up partially, but still too high and hit his head against a hanger which flung up and hit the top of the wooden dresser with a loud BANG. His eyes streamed with tears of pain and just emotion, and he huddled up in a ball back in the corner.

Haley opened the door cautiously, looking around the room, trying to find out what had made that noise. Her eyes cast from the bed, to the dresser, and to the- wait, the dresser. Seeing the door was ajar, she walked soundlessly to it. She opened the door of the furniture to reveal her cousin, who was obviously utterly distressed. Edmund turned away, as if thinking he was invisible. Haley kneeled down next to Edmund. “Ed? Ed, are you okay?” She turned him around, and seeing the tears, she knew something was dreadfully wrong. “Ed! Oh, Edmund.I know your distressed.”

She embraced her cousin, and Edmund was unsure of what to do. He was about to jerk around and away, but as if something had taken a hold of his actions and he choked out his words. “I m-miss d-Dad!” he spluttered finally.
At that moment, Peter appeared in the doorway. “What’s going on here?” He started, but seeing Haley kneeling by Edmund, who looked rather broken, he fell silent. Edmund actually tolerated his cousin’s hug for a few moments, until realizing exactly what he was doing. He jerked back and away, putting up that barrier between him and sociality again. “I’m fine!” he snapped weakly before casting her and Peter a glare and stomping out of the room.
Peter sighed as Edmund shoved him out of the way and looked back at Haley.

“.He really misses your Dad.” She said seriously. Peter nodded. “That’s what I was trying to tell you.” He said rather firmly. Haley looked a bit downcast. “He’s never acted that way before,” she replied. Peter just looked away. “I know.” Peter managed to see Edmund turn around a corner and out of sight. “Should I go talk to him?” Haley suggested, but Peter shook his head. “I think he just wants to be alone for awhile. He just lost everything but us.I think he just wants to think it through.” Haley nodded numbly and got up off the floor. Haley walked out of the room, and Peter shut the door behind them.

* * * * *
Later that night, Peter walked into his room to find Edmund lying on his bed, head buried in his pillow. Peter walked over and sat on the edge of Edmund’s bed. “Ed? Dinner’s ready, and the Macready’s waiting.” Edmund did not stir, until finally the muffled reply came. “I’m not hungry.” Peter looked hard at his brother. “Come on now, Ed. Don’t starve yourself.” Finally Edmund sat up, but he was most obviously a wreck. He glared at Peter before finally getting up and walking out of the room and down a flight of stairs.

Peter walked downstairs to see Lucy, Susan, and Haley, looking rather uncomfortable sitting at the table. “Where’s Edmund?” Peter demanded, noticing that his sibling was not there. “We thought you might know,” Lucy stammered. Peter groaned. At that moment, Edmund appeared opposite the side of the room. He cast a nasty look at each of them before grabbing a piece of fruit and sat furthest away from the lost, not glancing at them. Peter received questioning looks from his other relatives, but Peter just shook his head and walked down to the table. Choosing a seat next to Haley, he just sat there, unsure this was going properly.

Not two minutes later, Edmund announced, “I’m done!” he shot them each another glare before disappearing down a hall. Haley automatically stood up. “That’s it- I have to talk to him.” With that she followed him, down a hall, around a corner, now a second one..”Hey! I’ve been here before.” Edmund had yet again gone to the room with the dresser in it. He cast a suspicious glare at it, as if blaming it he had blown away like that. Opening the door, he crawled inside, heading for the corner he had stayed in.He couldn’t find it.

His heart began to pound deafeningly inside him as he stood up and began walking forward, hands outstretched until his hands finally touched something hard. It wasn’t wood, however but.”Stone!” Edmund exclaimed, and saw a boulder in front of him. He cautiously edged around it, until he looked over a great meadow.Then what his eyes fell upon next nearly made is heart stop. Their, on a hill, overlooking the sea, was the great castle of Cair Paravel. He gave a cry a joy, until he heard something behind him.It was growing closer and closer until.

Author’s Note: Hey, I’m a big Edmund fan, so sorry if it seems to be a lot about him. And if this story sucked and I’m way off, I’m really sorry, but I’m not C.S. Lewis. Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and send me comments at [email protected]

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Chapter Two
Haley had followed Edmund into the dresser and called out softly to him. “Edmund?” Receiving no answer, she made her way to the corner. She couldn’t find it, and she groped around wildly, calling out Edmund’s name. Slowly, she began to walk forward, but hands by her side. Suddenly she hit something hard and the blow knocked the wind out of her.

Edmund whirled around as the crunching noise behind him stopped. He cautiously walked back to the boulder and cried out in surprise when he found Haley out cold on the ground. He fell onto the ground beside her. “Haley? Haley! Say something!” When she did not stir, Edmund rushed to a nearby stream and let the water pool in his hands. He splashed it on her face- Still nothing. Edmund cursed to himself, and knew that if he went back for Peter and the others, he risked the passage way sealing once more. So without another word, he took off towards Cair Paravel.

He burst into the Great Halls of the castle, Edmund rushing past the Thrones. It was a terrible shame that he could not adore Cair Paravel properly, but at the moment he had something else on his mind. He whirled down a hallway and burst into Lucy’s chambers and immediately began digging through her drawers, searching for her Fire Flower Cordial. Carelessly he tossed things aside until finally he clutched the glass bottle. Throwing the drawer closed, he rushed from the room and back down over the meadow as fast as he could.
Surely enough, he found his way back to the boulder and Haley still lay directly beyond it. Edmund carefully pulled the cap off the diamond bottle and poured a drop into Haley’s mouth, kneeling close, searching her face for any change. After a few seconds, her eyes flickered open and he groaned. “Edmund, is that you?” Edmund sighed relief and replied, “Yeah, I’m here.” Haley sat up and blinked again. “Where are we?” Edmund looked around him, almost in wonder. “I don’t know how or even why, but we’re in Narnia.”

Haley staggered to her feet and Edmund as well, until a look of joy spread across his usually angry face. “Come with me! I need to show you something!” With that he grabbed her hand, dragging Haley along behind him. Laughing, she followed him, the two of them running across the lush green, until they stood a little ways away from the great Cair Paravel. It still stood proudly, as if it had been furnished during their absence. “I’m home.” Edmund whispered.

* * * * *
All that time, Peter, Lucy, and Susan had been sitting at the table, until Susan finally spoke up. “I think we should follow them,” she declared. Lucy and Peter agreed to this suggestion, and the three of them walked down the hallway Edmund and Haley had run down.

Suddenly Peter groaned, and the other two questioned what was wrong. “Edmund came down her earlier, when he was exploring and Haley ran off to find him.” Remembering that he had not told the two girls what Edmund had done, he told them quickly how Edmund had actually revealed his emotions to Haley. “That is not like Ed,” Lucy said as seriously as she could sound, “He usually acts like he doesn’t know us, let alone Haley!” As absurd as that sounded, it was rather true, and Susan and Lucy followed Peter as he made his way around a turn, then another.

Soon he stood before the door of the room Edmund had hidden in, and Peter threw open the door. Seeing the door of the dresser open, he poked his head into the opening. “Ed? Haley?” Receiving no answer, he walked a bit further in, hands out, Lucy and Susan trailing behind. Lucy gave a little gasp of excitement and she took the lead, until the tips of her fingers touched stone. “Oh!” she cried as she touched the cold surface. “What is it?” Susan questioned. “I do believe it is a boulder!” Lucy exclaimed as she edged out and around the formation. Peter and Susan cautiously followed her, careful to not run into the rock.

“Are we in..?” Susan asked breathlessly, and Peter walked to the edge of the wood until he looked out across the lush valley and far beyond, Cair Paravel. “We are,” Peter whispered, and Susan and Lucy joined his view, Lucy gasping with pure delight.

Running up and through the grassland, they emerged before the Great Castle. They were surprised to find Edmund and Haley looking also upon it, and Haley turned around happily. “Oh, Lu! Is this the Palace you told me about?” Lucy nodded eagerly, rushing into her cousin’s arms. Peter continued up to his brother, who looked rather solemn. “What’s up, Ed?” he asked softly, standing beside him. Edmund blinked, and looked at the castle. “It seems so different.So quiet,” Edmund said in wonder, continuing up the small flight of stairs, throwing open the great doors.

His eyes opened wide as memories rushed through him. There were still the tapestries, the rugs, the marble was even polished. As he continued up the room, he approached three small stairs. Beyond them lay, undoubtedly, the Four Thrones of Cair Paravel. Peter, Susan, Lucy, and Haley all rushed in after him, but seeing the Thrones and Edmund, their smiles faded as they all turned solemn. Not paying any mind to them, Edmund cast his eyes from Throne to Throne. He started from left to right, recognizing each crest above each. The cordial.The horn.And then the two swords, one above Peter’s throne and one above his.

The others walked forward, when Lucy brightened all of a sudden. “I say, if this is furnished enough, why don’t we see if our Narnian clothing and other belongings are still in our chambers?” This seemed liked a good idea, so Edmund, Lucy and Susan took off down the halls, slowly remembering their way through the castle. Haley seemed rather uncomfortable, because she had no room of her own. Peter realized this too, and suggested, “We have extra clothes in a spare bedroom. Come on.” He walked down a hall, Haley following hesitantly. ‘Don’t do this to me!’ she thought, grimacing. She had always been forced to wear horrid sundresses at he home. Peter laughed at Haley’s expression. “Don’t worry- the girls wore pants too!” Haley sighed relief as Peter opened a door. He shut it behind her and continued on to his own room.

Haley cautiously approached the drawers, and then opened one. They held various pants and shirts, and Haley was delighted. Quickly she pulled on some khakis and a white loose shirt, but out of curiosity, she opened another drawer. “O-oh!” she exclaimed. Yes, dresses filled the drawer, but these were silk loose flowing dresses. “These are so much better than those horrible dresses than Mum buys me!” she said happily, and picked out a sapphire blue one and changed into it. Happily, she admired herself in the mirror until she appeared the hall once more.

* * * * *
Peter walked back to his own room, closing the door behind him. He walked over to his own wardrobe, taking a good look at it. He smiled, amused that a wardrobe similar to this one had started all of this. He opened it, surprised to see his old King clothing was still there. He changed into it hurriedly and walked back outside to where Haley was. “Well, let’s go find the others,” he said, and Haley nodded. Together they set off down various halls.
“What a large place!” Haley though to herself, lost in wonder. She was so deep in thought that she ran right into Peter, who had stopped before another door. “Edmund! You in there?” Edmund pulled on his clothes quickly, abandoning his old ones on his bed. He opened the door and saw Haley. He snickered, “I thought you hated dresses.” Haley smirked. “Yah? What about you Ed? Decided to wear tights now did we?” Both Edmund and Peter rounded on her. “They’re pants!” they corrected at the same time. They looked at each other for a moment, but Edmund scowled and broke away. Haley cast a sideways glance at Peter, but he just shook his head and continued after his brother.

Soon Lucy and Susan rejoined the others, the two dressed in their fine silk dresses. Edmund ignored them and continued on, as if eager to get somewhere. They followed him, until finally he stopped at a larger door. Slowly he opened it, and they stood in complete awe.

It was the treasure chambers, and every corner of the room seemed to sparkle. Shelves and tables were piled high with rubies and topazes, diamonds and amethysts, gold and silver. But by far the best was the variety of weaponry that also clad the room. There were daggers, swords, and bow and beautifully feathered arrows. But at the very back were four pegs emitting from the wall, and from each of them held a different thing. The first held a magnificent long sword and a silver shield with a red lion printed across it. The next held a beautifully carved bow with a quiver full of bright arrows, and an ivory horn. The next held a small jeweled dagger, and the final peg held another long sword, a little smaller than the first.

But it wasn’t these items that held them in awe. Above each peg was a little shelf, and on each shelf, was a crown. The four Pevensies slowly approached each of their own crowns and brought them down. They were still polished and shone bright, and with solemn hands they adorned each on their heads, and took down their weapons.

Haley was already rummaging around, grabbing a sword with a jeweled blade and a small flexible bow with a quiver of arrows. “Well, it’ll do us no good to stay here any longer,” commented Peter, so they walked back into the halls, closing the door behind them. “I suppose we could stay here one night,” Susan said, noticing it was already dusk. “Look, the sun’s going down.” It was true, so everyone agreed to stay here one night before locating a Narnian.

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoyed it, and send me comments at [email protected]

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