Narnia DVD work started 8 Months Ago

Video Store Mag has a report from the San Diego Comicon’s DVD Producers 2004 Panel that mentions the DVD for the Chronicles of Narnia film which is coming out in December of 2005. It’ll be 2006 before we see the work that’s going into the DVD. Here’s the information:

Another challenge DVD producers face is working with content that the studios have employed from Electronic Press Kit (EPK) companies to garner from a movie’s filming. The interview footage created for EPK material is usually generic, short and unrealistic, panelists said, as it’s designed for promoting the movie or providing media soundbytes, which doesn’t tell the story of a film.

One way around that, said Burnett, who is working extensively in New Zealand on the upcoming Chronicles of Narnia film, is to work closely with the EPK company and direct that progress. Burnett is already deeply entrenched in developing DVD content for the beloved children’s series currently being set to film, which won’t hit theaters until Christmas 2005.

“The studios are allowing people like myself to get involved as early as possible,” he said. “I will shoot every minute of every day of this production schedule.”

“[Chronicles of Narnia] doesn’t come out for 18 months, but we started working on the DVD eight months ago,” Burnett added.

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