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C.S. Lewis

Child-like Heart

Do not Lucy and Susan see Aslan that way and just want to bury their faces in his Aslan’s mane? Remember the romp between the three of them after Aslan returned from the dead at the stone table? I think that scene represents this side of Jesus that Lewis saw. Which is a part of the reason why I think he wrote these books as allegories for his nephew and nieces. Lewis’s point is to connect them with the reality that Jesus loves you. He has a special place for children in his heart. […]

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The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Movie News

Andrew Adamson Nom’d for Academy Award

In the nominations announced in Los Angeles yesterday, Andrew Adamson was nominated for best animated feature film for his blockbuster sequel Shrek 2. Adamson’s film is up against The Incredibles and Shark Tale. He won an Oscar for the first Shrek film. […]

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Unzipping My Skin

I remember pretty well what I used to be like as a teenager. With my parents being very busy and having little time for me I turned into a pretty independent person very early on. Most of the time I was on my own and therefore I had things go my way. I liked to make my own decisions. Now imagine my mom coming and telling me what I should do and what not. Boy, I could give her a hard time about it and be sulky and grumpy all day long. Which of course not only spoiled her day but mine also. But it was all her fault and not mine, at least from my perspective. […]