Narnia Film News

New Prince Caspian Posters

There are three very cool posters that have just started floating around. The King Miraz one that we posted, without logos, has been released WITH logos. These posters are international posters, as evidenced by the logos found on them. The first features the Pevensie children. The second, Prince Caspian. The third is the one we saw yesterday, with King Miraz. […]

Narnia Collectibles

Weta Collectibles: Minotaur Bust

Designed as a high end collectible by Weta artist Stephen Crowe, who also designed armour and weaponry for the film, the Minotaur bust from Disney’s The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian was sculpted by Weta veteran Jamie Beswarick, and exudes power and determination, a superb follow-up piece to the energetic Warrior Satyr statue already announced. […]