April Fools 2016 Update: Courtesy of Mr. Alan Smithee and Ms. Kathy Selden

Well, folks, another April Fools has come and gone. Our responses weren’t as numerous as in years past, perhaps because you are all just getting too smart. What’s the old saying “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me?”

Then again, I did have problems connecting it to social media, so that could also be a factor.

Regardless, there is no shame among our dear readers!


So, just to reiterate:

1: There is NOT a Till We Have Faces Movie in the works in any capacity. In fact, as one of our readers noticed there was a hint in the post. However, there were actually two hints in the story. That hint came in the name Alan Smithee, it was highlighted. It connects directly to a Wikipedia post about “Alan Smithee” a pseudonym used in the film industry by writers, directors and actors to distance themselves from a project they do not wish to be associated with.  Plus the name of the casting director, Kathy Selden, was the name of the character played by Debbie Reynolds in the movie “Singing in the Rain”. The movie is then, just as real as Mr. Smithee and Ms. Selden. However the statement from Sean Connery is based on actually interview quotes concerning his retirement and his passing on Lord of the Rings and the Matrix.

2.Guillermo del Toro is NOT slated to direct The Silver Chair. Yes, the movie is in the works..We have no news to report at this time. Also, Chloe Grace Moretz, Tom Holland, Doug Jones, Ron Perlman, Lynn Hilary, and John Dempsie are not slated to star in the movie (lets face it, Mr. Holland is going to be very busy with Spider-Man.  That said, much like Christopher  Eccelston, David Tennet and Matt Smith of last year’s joke, Doug Jones would be an inspired choice for the role of Puddleglum.

Special thanks to ArvinJan Allen for helping me hash out this joke!

So, that’s it! And again, please ,feel free to submit jokes to us for next year! And maybe you’ll get to see your name in our wrap-up!


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  1. Well, you can only fool me every few years, and you got me last year. I had fun coming and reading the articles!

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