Shadowlands Receives Excellent Reviews from Secular Media

     It is not often that something originating as a Christian work can be widely recognized and praised by the media. C.S. Lewis was exceptional at creating Narnia stories based on Christian themes that are beloved by readers of all religious backgrounds. The latest Fellowship for Performing Arts stage production now playing in New York tells C.S. Lewis’s own life story while incorporating the spiritual message from his book “A Grief Observed”. The show’s producer has experience creating great C.S. Lewis based shows that have also been critically received by a diverse audience The Screwtape Letters, The Great Divorce, and The Most Reluctant Convert. Here is one excerpt that highlights Shadowland’s appeal to viewers of all audiences:

“Shadowlands blends the lightness and humor of a good romantic comedy with just enough theological depth to engage the intellect without feeling like homework.”-National Review

TheterMania was especially wowed by Daniel Gerroll’s portrayal of C.S. Lewis saying,”Gerroll is infinitely truthful in his manner of blending intellectual confidence with emotional uncertainty, the conflict at the heart of Shadowlands, which extends a hand to the faithful and faithless alike.”

Other reviews like The New York Times had some criticisms, but also praised the overall performance and acting,”The iteration at the Acorn Theater at Theater Row doesn’t always trust the pauses in the script, while the set (by Kelly James Tighe) has the look of a budget stretched too far. But Mr. Gerroll and Ms. Abramson are appealing comic actors, smartly restrained and surrounded by a strong company.”

If you are in New York Shadowlands will be performing at the Acorn Theater until January 7 with tickets available from the Fellowship for Performing Arts website.



Clip from Shadowlands

from Fellowship for Performing Arts on Vimeo.

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