Author: Claire Rossell

Age: 13

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

Location: Virginia
Poem: Beyond a wardrobe is a world,
I never knew was there.
Within are ships, and kings, and queens,
And a friendly talking bear.In a land called Narnia,
Live centaurs, dwarves, and fauns.
They have such fun and parties,
At places called Dancing Lawns.

In the Golden Age of Narnia,
Reigned two kings, two queens.
But from the world of Narnia,
They did not come it seems.

Before the Golden age,
The White Witch ruled the land,
She made it always winter,
And Christmas was ever banned.

Any who opposed her,
She simply turned to stone,
And with that power in her grasp,
She sat upon her throne.

Her only fear however,
Was a prophesy well known.
That two sons of Adam, two daughters of Eve,
Would someday take her throne.

One day four children came,
Entering from their world,
They met two talking beavers,
Or so the story told.

Three were friends of Narnia,
One a traitor though,
He went and found the Witch,
And told her where to go.

Then the other three children,
Tried to get away,
While the White Witch got her wolves,
And set out on her sleigh.

Her plan was very plain,
To simply kill the three,
So they would not fulfill,
The dreaded prophesy.

But she didn’t get her chance,
Because as ice she crossed,
The snow became a dirty slush,
Spring had conquered frost.

But there the story doesn’t end,
For she refused to loose,
For she still had one of four,
What to do with she would choose.

If she killed just him,
The prophesy would not come true,
For four thrones needed filling,
Three was one too few.

But when she tried to kill the one,
The true king interfered.
He offered up himself instead,
To be mocked and jeered.

The White Witch accepted,
And took the king instead.
Aslan took the punishment,
The traitor’s sins upon his head.

The White Witch then killed Aslan,
Then went to kill the four,
But something unexpected happened,
Aslan lived once more.

The White Witch was defeated,
And never seen again,
The four were crowned kings and queens,
Beginning the rule of men.

After they’d reigned for years and years,
They came back home at last,
But when they returned they found out,
It seemed no time had past.

Copyright: 2006 Claire Rossell

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The Sacrifice

Poem: A tear fell from His eye,
As He walked beneath the starless sky,
As He pondered over what He must do,
He searched His mind through and through,
For some other way to save the one,
But what He dreaded must be done.
In the distance was a wicked glare,
A glint of what awaited Him there.
Yet still He walked on ahead,
With each step, a growing dread.
For there the enemy had waited,
The mob’s fury unabated.
At Him, the enemy did laugh,
Yet didn’t they know that He saved them from wrath?
But still he stood very quiet,
Despite the sinful crowd’s riot.
And while many falsely accused,
His just wrath, He still refused.
And then with a single stroke of a knife,
He forever saved one traitor’s life.
For this you see was a true sacrifice,
The gift of His life, the ultimate price.
Thank you very much!
Copyright: 2006 Claire Rossell

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