Poem: Dust swirls across cracked earth in the dry riverbed
Which once ran red with the blood of men mingled in water
Cold stale wind whistles through the dead streets
Dark doorways and windows blink with unseeing eyes
The palaces are empty, the temples in ruins
Whips lie stilled, voices have been silenced
A great civilization destroyed, all life gone, except for oneJadis, the last Queen but Queen of the World
Evil desire drove her, cruel malice sustained her
Speaking the Deplorable Word she destroyed everything
Men, women, children, in an instant blotted out forever
She sits now frozen in the halls of her ancestors
Waiting for the ones who will break her spell of sleep
Looking forward to the day she would rule other worlds

The great red sun casts its gaze on the desolate earth
Weary of looking down upon a world that is silent
Nearing the end of its long life hung in the sky
It weeps for the lost ones who will never come home
Its dying face turns cold as shadows begin to swallow the city
The majestic city of Charn, the great city of the King of Kings
Wonder of the world, perhaps, the wonder of all worlds.

Copyright: 2004 Sara Moses aka Between_the_Worlds


Poem: Poor Rabadash, the foolish prince!
Never with his words did he mince.
He didn’t listen to some advice,
And now he’s paid a pretty price.
For good king Aslan’s authority,
Has turned Rabadash into a donkey!
Now he sits inside all day,
And never strays too far away…
Copyright: 2008 Sara Moses aka Between the Worlds

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