C.S., I Love You

Location: Columbia, Maryland

It seems as if no one goes walking today,
Wending their way between forests and fields;
Our modern existence has forced us to stay
Trapped in our automobiles.

But you, C.S. Lewis, went walking at will,
Conceiving a castle on each common hill.
You raised up Narnia out of our dreams;
Oh, how Cair Paravel gleams!

It seems as if no one sits reading today;
They’d rather play at their video games.
Computers command, and we blankly obey–
Soon we’ll have numbers for names.

But you, C.S. Lewis, called Socrates friend;
You knew your Confucius beginning to end.
You knew the ways men have tried to be wise;
You knew their truth and their lies.

It seems as if no one likes thinking today;
They just give way to their moods and their glands.
Emotion and fashion hold men in their sway;
Scarcely a soul understands.

But you, C.S. Lewis, did think as men ought,
And felt all the weight of God’s glory in thought.
Your mind was not set on things that are vain;
Jesus Christ lived in your brain.

It seems as if no one
Goes walking,
Sits reading,
Likes thinking today.
Copyright: 2005 Joseph Richard Ravitts

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