Don’t Go

Poem: You walk to your
Death with a stern
face and pride,
I watch in the
Sahdows as I
quietly Cry
I look at your face,
it looks nither sad
or glad. You look
sort of troubled,
as you walk slowly
though this land
Your Proud head
drooped, sunken low
to the earth, makes
me Cry at the sight
As you stop and
look up, with monster’s
so near, I hide
behind the bushes
to watch in Fear
With a sreaming laugh
and a knife in hand, the
One who will kill you,
is drawing near at hand.
“Why doesn’t he fight back?”
I whisper to myself as they
bound you and taunt you
with shrieks and laughs.
The Knife raises’s above you,
and with a joyous laugh,
the Knife falls and smotes you.
I whisper “Don’t Go…
No! Dont kill him please!”
Its too late now there is
nothing to be done, as the
monsters scatter, and flee through
the Wood.
With sobs and tears, I walk near you,
to see your face, as I never knew
Copyright: 2006-2007 TrueNarnian

Glistening Eastern Sea

Poem: To the Glistening
Eastern Sea, the shining
glass that lays ever shining
in the East. A
sparkling Diamond from
high, fair to look down
upon, to steal breath away.
Glittering everlasting,
not the slighest sound,
waving ever so gently,
in that calm wind from
around. Sailing lightly,
the Sea never quivering,
a treat for eyes to lay upon,
a sacred Sea.
Whence when the
world ends, and all Life
is disminished, the Eastern
Sea still shining bright,
waiting for a new day.
Still Living.
Still Holding on.
Still Hoping, its life
form lasting.
Its Not Pretend:
I opened a Door
and found myself in
another World. The
first flakes that fell
onto my face told me that
I was not dreaming. Looked
around myself, never imagined
a thing like this could happen.
But now this world feels
so majestic, I could stay forever.
I step back through
the door, and back into
my own world, looking back
I realize, that the World really
did exist. I ran and told the
others of my strange adventures,
but they shattered me,
broke me,
did not believe me.
This is not imagination,
this is not pretend, I was
really there, you just got
to believe in me, see me
right through, and take me
seriously. I was never
wrong, I was really there,
and if you dont believe me,
then I’ll stick to
my make-believe world,
which was really…there.
Copyright: 2007 TrueNarnian

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