The Silver Chair Screenplay Status Update from Douglas Gresham

The Silver Chair

The Silver Chair

Douglas Gresham has given an update on the status of the screenplay for The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair.

David Magee has been writing for over a year now. According to this update, they’re moving some elements of the script around. I suppose the next stage will be a complete script, followed by obtaining a greenlight from a major motion picture studio such as Sony Pictures.

2 Responses to “The Silver Chair Screenplay Status Update from Douglas Gresham”

  1. EverythingremindsmeofNarnia says:

    With this update, it makes me want to speculate what they are planning on moving around.I think I might add something to the bullying in the beginning of the book. But, if I wanted to rearrange the events, I would show maybe the story that they tell Eustace and Jill in the Parliament of the Owls. Maybe they will start with this story before going to England.

  2. Angelica Chakraborty says:

    That is very good to hear, but I will really be excited is when I hear the next part of the film process being underway. For now I will be happy with what I have. was created by: