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Yahoo Videos UK interviews Ben Barnes and Will Poulter!

Yahoo Videos UK has posted a video interview of Ben Barnes (King Caspian) and Will Poulter (Eustace) talking about some of their experiences while filming The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. The video also shows one of the Yahoo reporters learning to climb the rigging of the Dawn Treader and learning to fight with a sword. Ben and Will talk about the amount of detail that went into production, the taking apart of and reassembly of the Dawn Treader in the studio, choreographed fights, and more. […]

Check in to Family Christian Stores and Check Out Dawn Treader DVD Discounts

FourSquare is a popular location based social network. FourSquare users can check in to locations around their cities to tell their friends where they are. Family Christian Stores joined FourSquare to promote the Voyage of the Dawn Treader DVD and Blu-ray release. Continue reading to learn more about FourSquare and find out how you can use FourSquare to get 25% off when you buy the Dawn Treader DVD and Blu-ray. […]