APRIL FOOLS! Breaking News! Dr. Who Alums to Enter Narnia! APRIL FOOLS!

From Left to right, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith

Fans of the classic BBC Narnia movies will be glad to know that keeping in line with the originals, three former Dr. Whos are in talks for playing the fan favorite Marshwiggle, Puddleglum. Actors Christopher Eccleston ( Heroes, Thor: The Dark World) , David Tennant ( Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire), and Matt Smith are all in consideration for the roll of the lovable wet blanket.

“It’s really hard to choose, “said our source, Merv Ambrose, an Assistant Casting director. “They have all given excellent auditions. It may come down to flipping a coin to decide! We may even put it to a fan vote.”

From Left to Right: Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith
From Left to right, Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith










They are not the only Dr. Who alums in consideration for rolls. Actor Sylvester McCoy, also known for his role as Radagast the Brown in The Hobbit movies will lend his voice to the roll of Glimfeather the Owl, while actress Karen Gillan, best known to Whovians as companion Amy Pond is “on the short-list” for the roll of Jill Pole .

Sylvester McCoy
Sylvester McCoy

“McCoy’s voice just sounds Owlish! He was our first and only choice for the roll. As for Jill, we are looking at other talented young actresses from Northern Ireland, The U.K., Australia and New Zealand,” said Ambrose. “But so far we really like what they see with Karen. She’s got good chemistry with Eustace, which is important, but it’s still too soon to tell.”

Karen Gillan
Karen Gillan

Filming is set to being soon, so they are expected to make their choices in a few weeks. This is not the first time anything related to Dr. Who has made it’s way into Narnia. Along with Tom Baker playing Puddleglum in the BBC Silver Chair, there was a Dr. Who Christmas special that was inspired by The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

“With all these time lords and companions in the movie,” says Ambrose.  “It’s almost a shame the fans would skin us alive if we tried to squeeze a Dalek into the Underworld!

Be back tomorrow for more exciting news on this story!

In the meantime check out the behind-the scenes make-up tests for the three possible Puddleglum actors here.




  1. I must admit this is funny!

    I would go with Eccleston if were choosing, just saying, I think he has the feeling of Puddleglum more than the other two.

    Karen as Jill Pole, so funny! But, hey, this way they could still have William Poulter play Eustace.

  2. So Silvester McCoy isn’t really going to be Glimfeather? Dang it! You really had me convinced there! He would be perfect for the part. What do we really know about Jill’s casting?

    (P.S. I will never blindly trust anything I read on the internet again!)

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