The Silver Chair: A Guide to Auditions for Jill Pole

At the time of this writing, The Chronicles of Narnia: The Silver Chair has not been given the green-light.  However, that hasn’t stopped the e-mails from coming in asking for the role of Jill Pole in the movie.  In fact, the absolute number one request we have gotten since The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was just announced for production has been the role of Jill Pole in The Silver Chair.  It seems a lot of girls want to be her, more than any other role in the series.  Narniaweb also wrote a guide like this, but we have also been inundated with requests to audition and felt the need to address this issue as well.

I have a few tips for those looking for an audition for the role, as well as some information about where we are at right now with the film.  We are not in charge of casting, though, so please refrain from asking us for an audition.  We cannot grant you one, nor can we send any contact information on to any casting directors.  Requests in the comments also cannot be granted or guaranteed.

1. Pre-production

Pre-production encompasses a lot, including script writing, storyboarding and character design and casting.  It even begins, at times, prior to a film getting funding from a studio (part of the green-light process).  The Hobbit is one of those movies that was in pre-production for the last few years and only recently was given the go-ahead.

Sometimes a studio will hire a writer onto a movie that hasn’t yet been given the green light, which has always been the first step with the Narnia movies.  Currently, we haven’t heard about a screenwriter been signed to take the book and turn it into a script.  All three films have had the same screenwriters, save for Dawn Treader which added another writer to the mix.  This is one of the first things that needs to happen before casting can begin.

2. The Green-light

The production team will then take the material they’ve developed to the studio to present it before the studio heads.  This can either be just a script, or a set including a script, storyboards and pre-vis demos of different sequences.  They may also try to give an asking price for how much they think it would take to produce the film based on the script that was written.  This is based on knowledge of how much various things tend to cost, among other things.

This could be expedited by the box office success that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader sees.  If the film does really well, then Fox will see value in continuing the series.

3. Pre-production goes full speed ahead

If the film is granted funding by the studio, the pre-production team is built up with more production staff and sets are built and everything necessary to get the film put together is acquired.

This leads us to the next phase, the one that you were looking for.

4. Casting

Once casting begins, they are going to look for the best actor to play each role.  This is someone that fits the character that they are looking for.  Usually they have the look of the character in mind when they start the casting process.  They look at casting agencies mostly, but sometimes drama clubs and even open casting calls.

The best thing that you can do to increase your chances is to start acting in local plays.  Many areas have drama clubs or local theater guilds that you can try out for roles with.  Getting an agent is another good way to increase your chances of getting the role.  There are a lot of phony agents in Hollywood, so you need to be very careful to go with a well known and well regarded agency.

When it comes to these films, they tend to look in the UK first, as they want to cast someone that has a natural British accent.  There probably won’t be any open auditions for the role, as it is a leading role and they’ll need someone that can carry a film.  They’ll look for someone charismatic that gets along well with Will Poulter.

5. Summing it all up

If you want to be Jill Pole, help make sure that the series continues by helping The Voyage of the Dawn Treader do well in theaters.  The filmmakers haven’t yet decided what they’ll do next if given the chance to do another Narnia, and word is they’re trying to decide between The Silver Chair and The Magician’s Nephew.  (In multiple polls on many websites, approximately 75% of fans want to see The Silver Chair next.)

It is best if you are actually British, and part of an acting agency or group.

They aren’t currently casting the movie, as there is no movie to cast at the moment.  If or when the movie is officially announced by the studio, we will announce any casting calls and do whatever we can to give you as much information as possible to help you out.

If you find this later, should the film move forward and casting begins, and you have an audition, read this: Auditioning for Dummies.

714 Responses to “The Silver Chair: A Guide to Auditions for Jill Pole”

  1. I love georgie says:

    If you Scroll Right to The Bottom Of the Page where it has Recent comments Next it on the left it has latest news so all we have to do is keep checking that so that we know when the “Latest News” is up Simple as that 🙂 x
    Oh and btw when are you making more videos ??? I Loveee them ! Your an amazing actress..and im not just saying that you truly are ! 🙂 x

    • Narniarox says:

      omg! was that for me? omg! thank you so much! that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me! I’ll try to make more soon. and you’re amazing too! I cant wait to see ur polly vids! btw, what scene or character do u want me to act out? I’ll take requests. and omg, thank you!

      • I love georgie says:

        Its True You Are ! :)mybe When Aravis Get Cut By the Lion ?? idk But im Sure what ever scene You pick You Im sure you will Will Do it Amaaaazing, 😀 Oh And I am Having a bit of truoble Picking out a scene For polly…Any suggestions, ? 😀 x

    • narniafan16 says:

      Ooo that’s gr8 thx 4 telling usssss

  2. narniafan16 says:

    I’m running out of Audition scenes to do. Does any1 have reccomondations???
    🙁 Maybe I’ll re-do behind the gym.

  3. Narniarox says:

    We’ll find some parts. Just look where there are a lot of Jill lines.

  4. Abby says:

    Hey, My Names Abby i’m 16 years old. I love to dance, sing, and act. I’ve been studing drama/performing arts for 2 year in high school.
    I really hope i’m considered thank you
    Regards Abby

  5. Taylor says:

    hey i am a big fan and i would LOVE to play the Jill she sounds brilint i have done acting for 4 and 1/2 years now at the helean ogrady acatermey i LOVE advenchers.

    i must be hard to pick who is the best to play the role.

    what other girl parts are there for the movie

  6. Abby says:

    My name is Abby, I’m from the Uk but live in Australia. I’m 16 years old and also a twin. I’ve been studing drama for 2 years now in high school. I love to sing, dance and act. I would love it if i were to be considered.


  7. I love georgie says:

    ATTENTION: Does anyone Know where Archerygirlxx Is???? Her youtube hasnt been Touched for months, Shes Not on narniafans Or narniaweb, and hasnt been for months now, And the last comment she worte was that a agent accepted her and she has now gone into acting !! She is a AMAZING actor And I bet you shes got a movie !!! Hopefully she will post soon and tell us !!! that would be Really fantasic if she did !!! I would absulotely Love to See that absulotely amaaazing Actress In a movie !!! P.S (really Hope it is a movie) !!! 😀

    • Narniarox says:

      maybe its a tv series. I joined just recently like in may or something so I dont know her, but I take your word for it.

      • Narniarox says:

        wow. I just look back at the REALLY old comments. but I found the link to archerygirlxx’s youtube page and she is really good! I wonder where she is now…

        • narniafan16 says:

          I feel so jelous of everybody’s who’s good at acting…*sigh* thank goodness my whole family are Narnia fans. Or else I’d get no where! My dad mite even ask me if I wanted to audition for a Narnia movie since he knows i luv Narnia so much! I really hope so 🙂

          • I love georgie says:

            Im Really lucky On that account My mum fully supports My desicion Of acting And encourages me Alot !! :D, And how come your jelous of peeps that are good at acting !! Because you a really good actor !!!, Oh btw Im about to go film My polly scene !! 😀

          • narniafan16 says:

            Haha I’ll try

    • Nicola says:

      I know he(well kind of) and she said that she’s still up for auditioning.

      you guys are lucky. I’m the only Narnia fan in my family and my mum and dad don’t really want me to be an actress. But I don’t give up (well).

    • archerygirlxx says:

      hey its me sorry to dissapoint but i haven’t got into a movie yet or antghing for that matter just some modelling stuff..thankyou guys all so mucjh though for being so nice!!! i havent been able to come online for a while as i have playing viola in twelfth night so i have been very busy practising my shakspearean! if anybody can think of a good scene for me to do then please post it here! love u guys and sorry to let u down 🙁

  8. Aslynn Shire says:

    Hello! i am an aspiring actress and have been wanting to be in a narnia film since i saw the lion the witch and the wardrobe. i have read most of the books and would be honored to be graced with the opportuninty to audition! a friend of mine, Heather Smit, has been helping me practice and has been drilling into my head the stories of Jill Pole and Aravis Tarkeena! it would be an amazing oppertunity to be apart of the narnia legend, and it would be so awesome if the auditions would be able to come to OHIO!!! thank you for your time! Aslynn Shire! 🙂

    • narniafan16 says:

      Same Ive always wanted to b in the Narnia films…
      Well it would b nice if fhe auditions came in New York!

      • Narniarox says:

        ooh. if they came to New York, I’d only have a four hour drive. I live in MD.

        • narniafan16 says:

          Wow lol it would be funny if we saw each other
          Bu most likely it will be held in the UK or London
          My aunt lives there so she could probably take me there

  9. Narniarox says:

    Hey. I was searching through sites and found a link for a big English talent agency and guess who some of the clients are… our very own Skandar Keynes (<3), Georgie Henley, and Rupert Grint from Harry Potter(Ron). heres the link,
    other than that, cause I'm not from the UK, I dont know anyone else on there, but some of you might…

  10. narniafan16 says:

    Hey NarniaRox can u give me the link 2 c ur videos? Thanx
    I promise I won’t b too har on u

  11. narniafan16 says:

    My dad ordered the VOTDT I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!! 😀 I loveeeeee Narnia movies!!!!!!!!
    And hopefully he’ll order the 3D one coming out soon!!!!!!! We have a new 3D tv AG my house I can’t wait!!!!! Sorry if I’m bragging 🙁

  12. LoveYouEdmund says:

    HELP !!:
    I really want to Be an actress, as Jill Pole !!!, But thats Impossible !,
    1. I cant act, film, Go to a premiere, or anything, from Friday Sunset to saturday sunset, so i cant do friday nights or saturdays, But i can do saturday Nights !! ,
    2. I Live In australia No agents or acting places here !!, No movies are ever made in Australia !!(even tho VDT was made here)
    3. My mums strict and wont let me work in Movies with witchcraft magic witches ect…,
    Is it even remotely possible for me to be able to have a chance of jill pole if I cant do those things??
    Paul Martin Im sort of counting on you to answer that ??? Or anyone else ?

    • Nicola says:

      My mum doesn’t even let me put clips on you tube 🙁 how dos that make you feel???? :'( and I want the role BAD.

  13. Natalie says:

    hey! please help me !! I really want to be an actress ! I Love to act… and I love Narnia.And I would love to play the role of Jill Pole !!! ♥ HELP ME FULFILL MY DREAM PLEASE!!!

    I hope you can answer,this is VERY IMPORTANT to me.
    You can send me an E-mail to answer me ☻ !! ALL YOU KNOW… PLEASE TELL ME, THIS IS MY CHANCE !!

    • I Love georgie says:

      Hey !! welcome to the group of Jill Pole hopefuls !! :), Some answer to your questions 🙂 there hasnt been a desision on wich movie there going to make next ??, But anyway Jill Pole (actress) Probally has to live in the UK or have a great accent to make up for that :)Probally has to have a really good agent, takes acting lessons and stuff like that, For me I live in australia, No Movies are made here !! even tho VDT was shot in australia, So Im pretty Much ruled Out 🙁 But theres No harm In helping others To get it ! :)anyways heres the link to my videos (if you would like to watch them)
      What about you, where do you live?? and whats your experience in acting and stuff like that…. 🙂

      • narniafan16 says:

        Welcome to the group of Jill Poles!! 😀 I’m narniafan16 and I joined around November, after I saw PC. I luv Narnia and my family r also narnialovers! I’ve always wanted to join the Narnia films, some day. We can all try to help each other fulfill our dreams. 😀

  14. Valentina says:

    Hi I would like to know how to send an email to know about the auditions for Jill Pole I play the role of Jill Pole 😀

  15. Narniarox says:

    Well to answer all of your questions, we don’t really know anyone to exactly email and just ask for an audition. The standard procedure is to send a audition video to someone who works with the movie. If they think you might have a shot, you might be asked to fly out and audition. If you were to contact anyone it would be through this site and/or NarniaWeb, Nina Gold, or, some people have actually emailed the stars themselves. To answer your question, loveyouedmund (I love Edmund too!), I’m really not sure what to do if your mom doesnt let you work with that kinda stuff. Does she watch or like Narnia? Ok, I’m gonna tell all of you to make a audition video and put it on youtube, or even the site I made (for link look at earlier comments). And send us the link to them and we’ll see what happens.

    • LoveYouEdmund says:

      Well, Its got to be G ,PG or M bascically your normal Kid/Teen Movie Just with no wich craft So any other thing is absulotely fine with that, And she does watch narnia And buyz me ALOT of narnia stuff asswell, :)how about the other things 🙂

      • narniafan16 says:

        I don’t understand y PC is rated pG 13! It’s TOTALY fine except the part where nickabreck slices PC’s hand that’s a little scary for little kids

        • I Love georgie says:

          I dont think it should be M people I mean exactly thats like the only part except for the battle scenes but they are against humans now not fantasy animals ??? 🙂

        • Narniarox says:

          on itunes its just pg. the only reason why it could be pg 13 is because the first scene in the movie.

  16. archerygirlxx says:

    hey guys i know i have been gone for a LONG time but i am back now!!! whoo 😀 ok so i am still agent hunting and i am waiting for my actress friend to come down from london if u don’t know already then she played dorris in hot fuzz. i have emailed another actress friend who played the older susan about being represented by her agent but she hasn’t got back to me yet 🙁 just finished being in twelfth night 🙁 so sad its over ;( i will try and post another youtube video if i can but i have no idea what to do…..oh and i got 91% in my latest lamda exam grade 5 acting whooop whoop and guess who saw my performace of it..only bernard hill the actor who played the captain of the titanic and king theoden in lord of the rings!!!! i haven’t spoken to him yet but i will try too and that is all that has been going on so far!

    • Nicola says:

      WHAT? you lucky pig ;). so if you ask an actress to come over to your town they just ,will? cool. keep up the good work my friend ’cause I can see a future in this 😛

      • archerygirlxx says:

        well my parents know the actress and her parents live near us so she will stay with them

    • Narniarox says:

      Hey acherygirlxx! you dont know me but I’ve heard a lot about you! I’ve only been on this site since May. I live in the US but can work an ok accent. I wanna be Aravis in The Horse and His Boy. you can see my video at
      I made that site incase this page is shut down for whatever reason. feel free to register on it. i’ve seen your videos and you’re really good! so glad your back!

    • narniafan16 says:

      Whoa u r such a lucky duck! (this is an American expression)
      I mean, u have lots of people like friends and stuff that are like, MOVIE actors!

    • Jill_Pole says:

      Bernard Hill??! r u serious??!! Bernard Hill is like, top notch actor! He’s AMAZING!! How on earth did you contact him?? wow.. you are unbelievably lucky. Haha how old r u? Haha if you do end up talking to him, then tell him that there is a hopefull actress in Canada who is a HUGE FAN. lol 😀

  17. Narniarox says:

    hey guy! guess what? my mom let me get a youtube! yay! if you see me around there, I’m mtrocks101. friend me! sadly I havent put up any vids on it yet but I will!

  18. Miranda says:

    I think I’d be great for the Jill Pole role. But I can take rejection. I like to give a good performance. The first time I was in a play, I messed up a few times, but people gave me such a hard time. It was my first play! Give me a break! But after that, I didn’t goto school for 2 days and instead, I stayed in my bedroom looking on the internet of what people were saying about me.
    I’ve read all of the books in the Chronicles of Narnia series. In the book, Jill Pole has straight bangs. I hope it’s okay but I have side bangs, my hair is short just like hers.
    And I hope that I get the part. I don’t have an agent and I know that usually influences whether or not you get the role. I don’t mind traveling and I will do whatever the director wants me to do. But I would be nervous like anyone, because if I were to get the role, it would be my first real movie and i’d probably learn alot.
    I am 14 years old. I’m friendly. And like I said, I can take rejection, and i’ll do whatever the director wants me to do. I have a great imagination.

  19. narniafan16 says:

    Hey guys I’m sorry I Haven’t posted lately but I’m really busy! I promise I’ll post a video asap. Hopefully you’ll c improvement. I like singing too

  20. narniafan16 says:

    Archerygirl thank heavens your back I need your help on acting and advice
    I thought since your really good then u could have tips

  21. Jill_Pole says:

    Hey everybody 😀 I know everything has slowed down here a bit, but I was just wondering if anyone has heard any news about any of the Narnia films. All I know is that if they make another one, they are slightly leaning towards The Magician’s Nephew. If anyone has any other info, please let me know, because I am going crazy trying to find out. I would really love to audition, as I know many of you girls are too. I plan on making a youtube channel where I can post videos of myself acting with my British accent. I would really appreciate any comments on how I can improve. 🙂 thanks

  22. C.S. says:

    Hey, I am thinking of posting I video for you gals. It will just be some tips, but I am still thinking about it.

  23. Narniarox says:

    Have you guys seen the Prince Caspian Bloopers yet? they’re so funny, I favorited them on youtube, Here’s the link to my page so you can watch them.

  24. moon leo says:

    prince caspian bloopers are so funny . . . . . . . . i love the way peter danced

  25. Emmanuelle says:

    can someone help me to know how audition if im not british? , im 17 years old ans i would perfectly fit for the role , i’ve done 9 years of theater and i speak a british english pleaze if anyone have an anwswer tell me !!! 🙂 thanks a lot ♥

  26. Narniarox says:

    hey guys I posted more videos on my account! check them out at tell me if there’s anything in my accent I need to work on. 🙂

    • narniafan16 says:

      I watched a couple and…ur rly good! I can imagine u as someone in the Narnia movies. Maybe even Jill pole!!! 😀 can u give me acting advice

      • Narniarox says:

        thank you so much :)! although I’m not so sure I’m expirienced enough to give advice. oh and do you live in NYC? how are you doing with hurricane irene? we didnt get hit super bad but our yard is a little messed up.

      • narniafan16 says:

        Oh yeah I’m fine here
        Not going to say where I live in ny but yes I live in that area and were safe

  27. Narnian Moonlight says:

    i am american but i literally don’t have an american accent, i have a british accent because of my parents so i really wish the opportunity to get this role! oh well if only they had open calls!

  28. archerygirlxx says:

    hey guys no-one has posted in a while so i thought that i would…how is everyones auditioning plan coming along?? mine is good i have emailed a few talent agencies althogh i don’t expect a reply. anyone else on their way to getting an agent yet??

    • Narniarox says:

      thats probobly a no. The last thing my parents are worried about is getting me an agent. my mom doesn’t really want me to go into an acting career but my dad went to college for a year to be an actor and he might want to get back into it so if he gets an agent then who know’s what will happen. and my uncle is best friends with a really famous American actor so if I ever meet him, maybe he can help me. plus I’m so happy cause me mom let me buy VDT and yeah. so happy 🙂 :)! I am gonna start taking musical theater (the musical part is just because I really like doing musicals, but the theater part is for auditioning) so yeah.

    • narniafan16 says:

      Nope 🙁 just one path, which isn’t going that well. My best friends mom makes commercials and she could find some good agents for me (she left a note on a guys desk) but she said the chances r low 🙁

  29. Jill_Pole says:

    Wow.. How old is this page? I guess nobody’s really commented on it for a while, but it’s been going for quite a while.. haha 😛

    • I Love georgie says:

      yeah ahah i was on the”narnia 4 will definetaly be the next narnia movie” page..but no ones really commented on it.. ? 😉

  30. narniafan16 says:

    Hey guys I’m back but I have stuff to say:
    1. HELP I’m not improving at all on the agent stuff or acting what should I do??? I need to move on at some point!
    2. This is good but there’s a chance I mite get into singing…like Hollywood stuff cuz my friends and I r planning to become a band
    3. I’m in Japan! It’s so much fun
    4. I promise I’ll upload another audition
    Video once I get home!!!
    5. I seem to b more closer to auditioning 4 singing than acting. Once I start middle school Ill join acting class ASAP
    6. goodbye for a week but just so u know I’m here and I’m still into auditioning and I love Narnia!!! I’m just rly busy lately. If u have a question or comment or news just reply 2 this or inbox me ln YouTube ( plz subscribe and watch videos!!! Thx for ur support so much byeeee! FOR ASLAN xxxxxnarniafan16

  31. archerygirlxx says:

    ok so an agency emailed me asking if I could send them a video audition so I have done my first runthrough of the scene and if u wass see it before it gets deleted them go to it is only a pratice so it isn’t amazing hahah

  32. Narniarox says:

    So I’m still confused about how time works in here and and Narnia. in VDT Georgie looks aroung three to four years older than she did in PC. yet, in VDT, after they get settled on the ship, Caspian says there is peace in just three years. wouldn’t that be like 5 min in the really world? or am I mistaken?

    • Reepicheep, Knight of Narnia says:

      According to the book, one year of our time takes place in our world between PC and VDT, in which three Narnian years pass. However, in the year between LWW and PC, over a thousand years take place in Narnia, and in another year between VDT and SC, about seventy years take place. C.S. Lewis explains this by saying that no matter how long you’re in Narnia, it doesn’t take up any of our time, but once you leave Narnia, there’s no way of telling how Narnian time is going. In one of our years, only a day could pass in Narnia, or a year, or a hundred years. I hope this helps you.

  33. narniafan16 says:

    Any news…? Btw If I
    Don’t get the role of Jill pole I could try out for other roles like aravis or Polly or other
    And if not that well maybe I could be an extra? Like Jill pole’s bully or whatever

  34. narniafan16 says:

    Guys OMGOSH go to NARNIAWEB now and there’s this page abt what the next movies mite b!!!

  35. Narniarox says:

    someone post something! its been like 10 days since the last post! any news??

  36. I Love georgie says:

    Ikr!, well i guess thats just because theres no news yet, the pages use to b packed and when you posted the reply would be bak in like five minutes and there was a gazillion users talking to one another! :$$ But that was on the Jill pole page on Narnia Web back at the start of the year! it will probally start up again at the start of next year, when theres new news 🙁

  37. Lucia says:

    This is Lucia 🙂
    Do you remember me?? :p

  38. hope2bjill says:

    My community does not have a community theatre any ideas on what i could do?

  39. grace says:

    My dream is to be in it, I wish there was a place such as Narnia. I am wondering how old I would have to be and I can’t aford a agent infact I am just ordinary it won’t happen to someone 10,homeschooled,not bridish,(I am best at it though) last ordinary.

  40. Myleea says:

    Hey! Umm, just a question… I am moving to America soon, and am actually British. Does it count that if I live in america, and want to audition, I mean, would it mAtter that I live there, and am no longer a British citizen? Oh, and by the way, the movies are amazing!

  41. Eliel says:

    the logo of the silver chair, was that you did? Would like to see how the logo of The Horse and His Boy and last battle. please was created by: